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Smashpoint Tennis Tracker

Selected as #1 tennis tracker by AppPicker. Track your tennis scores, stats and foes like a pro with your iPhone, iPad or Watch.

Smashpoint is a smart tennis system for player development, motivation and professional insights.

Bernard BalagulaUSPTA, Professional Coach

Smashpoint is the ultimate stat-tracking app!

Coley HungateDropShotBlog

8.5 out of 10! Smashpoint is the perfect app for tennis players.


Tennis tracker for all your activities

Smashpoint is an easy to use tennis score tracker that allows you to log all your tennis activities from practice to competitive match play. Keep track of your own tennis scores with the Apple Watch during match play. Or, with your iPhone or iPad track a friend or family member live on the court.

Powerful tennis stats, computated for your advantage

Learn from win and loss stats featuring court type, vs right or left hand player, indoor or outdoor court, Tiebreaks, deciding set, court surface, etc. to develop a competitive edge against your opponents.

Analyze your Tennis match history and stats

Review your match history point by point to analyze your performance at key points and overall match momentum.  Additionally, every tracked match comes with detailed service and return stats (aces, double faults, 1st Serve %, 1st Serve Won, Total points won, and more).

Follow your tennis opponents

Check your foes win and loss records. Take private notes about your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Never guess again about your head to head results. Smashpoint is your personal and smart tennis database.

Simple, yet extremely powerful tennis score tracker for your Apple Watch

With two taps or less keep track of your own scores during match play. Smashpoint will calculate rich stats for every match as seen on the pro tennis tour. In addition, access your “Year to Date” singles and doubles stats directly form your wrist.

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