Smashpoint iOS 2.5 Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.5 Hero Image

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.5

• Updated design
• Select from 3 match tracking styles (Simple, Advanced, Expert)
• Track a single or double match and practice sessions
• Save your preferred tracking style in settings
• Complete a match or practice session at any time

• Updated home banner design (switch between Player Profile and Activity Rings in Settings)
• 3 new match scoring rules
• Embed a YouTube video in match and practice results
• Updated match bio table design
• Added shot results to player profile stats tab
• Add photo and additional information to player profile


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New and Improved Apple Watch Design
Select from 3 tracking styles that fit your needs to track your match or practice session directly on the Tennis court.

Smashpoint Apple Watch App
Smashpoint Apple Watch App
Smashpoint Apple Watch App 2.5

New Mini User Profile & Add Video to Match and Practice Results
Show your mini user profile directly on the home screen to see quick statistics (screenshot 1). Go to Settings to switch between Player Profile and Activity Rings (screenshot 3). Embed a YouTube URL in a match or practice result (screenshot 2).

Smashpoint iOS 2.5

Show YouTube Video in Results & Updated Bio Table Design
Once you added a YouTube URL to a match or practice result you can view the video directly in the Smashpoint app. Shared results will show the video as well (screenshot 1). Updated result bio table to show player photos (screenshot 2).

Smashpoint iOS 2.5

Updated Match Scoring Rules
We improved the layout for quicker access and added 3 new formats.
• Best of 3: 4 Games Sets, Tiebreak to 7 (at 4-4), 10 Pt Match Tiebreak
• 4 Game Single Set: No Tiebreak
• 10 Pt Match Tiebreak

Smashpoint iOS app match scoring rules
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To learn more about how to record and add video to Smashpoint Tennis results please visit our Tennis Gear blog.