Smashpoint 1.1 Release Notes

What’s New in Version 1.1?
The Smashbook tennis tracker app keeps getting better and better thanks to your fantastic feedback. Thank you. Home: New singles, doubles and practice visualization to show your logs compared to your friends. Use the donut charts and tabs to filter results below. Activity Log: New visualizations to bring your tennis data to life all broken down by singles, doubles and practice logs. Updated H2H layout for a better user experience. Plus, several performance improvements and bug fixes.

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Smashbook Tennis Tracker App. Track your tennis scores, stats, friends and foes like a pro. You can track live tennis matches or log completed results, singles and doubles, and see professional level statistics over time. Connect to a player and discover even more tennis partners for future matches. Improve your tennis performance and scores by tracking your practice activities and compare them against friends and foes alike with Smashbook. Log three sessions (match or practice) per month for free. Access all of your data, statistics and players for free forever from your private account. Go Pro to log unlimited sessions for the cost of a few tennis balls. Smashbook is a data driven social cloud app to bring sophisticated tennis analytics to all players.