Smashpoint App Updates for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Smashpoint iOS 2.2 Release

Smashpoint iOS APP 2.2

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.2

• Link Sharing: Share match results with anyone on the internet
• Rankings: See who the best players are in your network
• Player profiles: View results to see player activity
• Live Match Tracker: Shot tracking on by default + additional match formats
• Improved offline capabilities and error free data submission to Smashpoint Cloud
• Usability and performance improvements
• Unlocked Pro accounts also have full access at

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Smashpoint 2.1 Release Notes

Smashpoint 2.1 iOS Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.1 Release 

• Improved live match tracker with detailed shot tracking, statistics, and point by point history
• Additional match formats:
– Best of 3: 4 Game Short Sets
– 6 Game Single Set: Tiebreak to 7 Pts
– 6 Game Single Set: Tiebreak to 10 Pts
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Track Live Tennis Match: Setup

Smashpoint Tennis Shot Tracker 1

Track Live Tennis Match: Score and Shot Tracking

Smashpoint Tennis Shot Tracker 2

Match Result: Detailed Service, Return, Shot, and Point Stats

Shot Stats Table
W = Winner
U = Unforced Error
F = Forced Error

Smashpoint 2.0 Release Notes

Smashpoint iOS 2.0

Smashpoint iOS 2.0 Release 

• Track and log your tennis results with “No-Ad” option [1]
• Improved return winner/error tracking for live match tracker [2]
• Results: new yearly summary tables for your service, return and point stats [3]
• Home: new time filter, new icon for match results with stats [4]
• Apple Watch: usability improvements during live match
• Added French and Spanish translations
• Plus, additional usability and performance improvements


2.0 Release Highlights

Smashpoint 1.9 Release Notes

Smashpoint release 1.9

What’s new in version 1.9?

• New easy to use app navigation
• Improved tennis court management
• iPhone X optimizations
• Bug fixes and general improvements

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Smashpoint 1.8 Release Notes

Smashpoint release 1.8

What’s new in version 1.8?

• Live tracker update for doubles
• Head 2 Head stats and results for doubles
• Added “Tied” stats to player profile
• Chinese language support
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
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Tennis Doubles Head 2 Head

Smashpoint Apple Watch Chinese


Smashpoint 1.7 Release Notes

Version 1.7 – Smashpoint Tennis Tracker Platform

Smashbook is now Smashpoint: We’ve aligned the name with our mission to develop a modern, performance-focused tennis platform for players, students, and coaches.
Point by point match history: Once you’ve tracked a live match with your iOS device or Apple watch, you’ll be able to analyze the entire match in the new history tab.
Custom match format: Select “Custom” in the “Match Format” tab when you need to log a unique result. Flexibility galore. 🙂
New coach label: We’ve added a Tennis Coach label to the user profile and expanded the “About” tab so coaches can advertise services to their network.
3D Touch for quick actions: Start logging a new activity with a single press, right from the home screen.




Smashpoint 1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.6 – This is our biggest update since we released version 1.0. 
Tennis is a global sport and we <3 to hear from you no matter where you hang your racquet.  Thank you for your continued support and interest!

• Apple Watch App: From the moment you walk onto the court, you can start tracking your tennis match with pro level statistics like unforced/forced errors, winners and a lot more. You can also use the watch app to start a new match– no need to fiddle with the iPhone app.
• Results: Now you can keep track of matches that ended in a tie.
• Practice: You and your coach can now add and share notes about a practice session.
• Design: We improved the interface style to enhance user experience and usability.

Smashpoint 1.5 Release Notes

Smashbook 1.5

What’s New in Version 1.5?

• Winners, Forced Errors, Unforced Errors stats for detailed match tracking
• Log practice sessions for other players
• Enhanced iOS notifications (player accepted your invite, another player logged a match for you)
• Usability improvements and bug fixes
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Smashpoint 1.4 Release Notes

Smashbook v 1.4

What’s New in Version 1.4?

• Improved result module design with time and location indicator
• As requested by tennis parents, you can now log match results for other players
• Usability improvements and bug fixes
Please visit to send us your ideas and feedback.
We love to get emails from you.

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Smashpoint 1.3 Release Notes

Release 1.3

What’s New in Version 1.3?

• Due to popular demand, we have added a notes tab to every player’s profile. Enter your own private notes to help you remember a player’s strengths and weaknesses for your next match.
• Logging a match or practice session just got easier and faster. Smashbook will now pre-load your home court with the court name, surface type, and facility type (indoor or outdoor).
• The “About” field in your own profile is now using a flexible layout, so you are able to enter more information about yourself. Great for coaches and players alike to enter more information.
• We have also fixed bugs for Live Match Tracking and made other user experience improvements.

Please keep emailing us your feedback – we love to hear from you.

How to configure you tennis courts:

Add or edit a tennis court