Smashpoint App Updates for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Smashpoint iOS 2.5 Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.5 Hero Image

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.5

• Updated design
• Select from 3 match tracking styles (Simple, Advanced, Expert)
• Track a single or double match and practice sessions
• Save your preferred tracking style in settings
• New Apple Watch Complications
• Complete a match or practice session at any time

• Updated home banner design (switch between Player Profile and Activity Rings in Settings)
• 3 new match scoring rules
• Embed a YouTube video in match and practice results
• Updated match bio table design
• Added shot results to player profile stats tab
• Add photo and additional information to player profile


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New and Improved Apple Watch Design
Select from 3 tracking styles that fit your needs to track your match or practice session directly on the Tennis court.

Smashpoint Apple Watch App
Smashpoint Apple Watch App
Smashpoint Apple Watch App 2.5

New Mini User Profile & Add Video to Match and Practice Results
Show your mini user profile directly on the home screen to see quick statistics (screenshot 1). Go to Settings to switch between Player Profile and Activity Rings (screenshot 3). Embed a YouTube URL in a match or practice result (screenshot 2).

Smashpoint iOS 2.5

Show YouTube Video in Results & Updated Bio Table Design
Once you added a YouTube URL to a match or practice result you can view the video directly in the Smashpoint app. Shared results will show the video as well (screenshot 1). Updated result bio table to show player photos (screenshot 2).

Smashpoint iOS 2.5

Updated Match Scoring Rules
We improved the layout for quicker access and added 3 new formats.
• Best of 3: 4 Games Sets, Tiebreak to 7 (at 4-4), 10 Pt Match Tiebreak
• 4 Game Single Set: No Tiebreak
• 10 Pt Match Tiebreak

Smashpoint iOS app match scoring rules
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To learn more about how to record and add video to Smashpoint Tennis results please visit our Tennis Gear blog.

Smashpoint iOS 2.4 Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.4

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.4

• New simple one touch tracking
• Select from 3 tracking styles (Simple, Advanced, Expert)
• Save your preferred tracking style in your settings
• Added “Passing Shot” to Expert mode
• New “Pause Match / Complete Later” functionality
• Quick access to live stats during match play

• New Player Profile design (compare your ratings side by side: UTR, USTA, etc)
• Add your gear to your profile
• Publish your player profile online to share with a coach and friends
• Stats tab with insights for every player
• Additional Fast4 match format (UK/LTA rules)
• Improved player list design
• Improved user interface for iOS 13
• Improved Login and Sign Up design
• Unlocked Pro accounts also have full access at

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Live Match Set Up & Simple Tracking
During Live Match set up (screenshot 1). Go to the Format tab and select Simple from the Tracking Style menu (screenshot 2). Press Play in the upper right hand corner to begin tracking the match. Track the match with simple one touch entry (screenshot 3).

Smashpoint 2.4

Pause Match & Save Tracker Style in Settings
If you need to pause the match during play select the ••• more menu in the upper right hand corner and select “Pause Match” from the menu (screenshot 1). Once the match has been saved it appears on your home screen (screenshot 2). In Settings you can save your preferred tracking style so next time you are tracking a tennis match the correct style is selected for you (screenshot 3).

Smashpoint iOS Pause Match

Match Stats (Simple – Advanced – Expert)
Simple tracking produces the same stats as the popular ATP/WTA app

Match Stats

My Profile (Create Public Link – Remove Public Link – Your Profile in the Web Browser)
On your profile page select the ••• more menu in the upper right hand corner. Click “Create Public Link” to make your profile public. Once you profile is public you can share the link. Your profile also appears in Smashpoint Search results. Log into the web app to give it a try. In iOS release 2.4 you are able to add multiple rating information to your profile. We believe one rating alone doesn’t tell the full story. Enter your UTR and country specific rating (rating name, range and your rating) to display it on your profile.

Smashpoint My Profile

Player Profile Connected (Bio – Stats – Results)
Select one of your players in your Smashpoint account to see rich details such ratings, equipment, match stats and results.

Smashpoint Player Profile
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Smashpoint iOS 2.3 Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.3
2.3 iOS app release

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.3

• Give a high five for a match well played
• Live tracker usability improvements
• Additional 10 Game Pro Set match formats
• Animated bar graphs for match stats table
• New ITF, UTR, and backhand fields for player profiles
• Unlocked Pro accounts also have full access at

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iOS App 2.3 Tour

Smashpoint iOS 2.2 Release

Smashpoint iOS APP 2.2

What’s New in Smashpoint iOS App 2.2

• Link Sharing: Share match results with anyone on the internet
• Rankings: See who the best players are in your network
• Player profiles: View results to see player activity
• Live Match Tracker: Shot tracking on by default + additional match formats
• Improved offline capabilities and error free data submission to Smashpoint Cloud
• Usability and performance improvements
• Unlocked Pro accounts also have full access at

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Smashpoint iOS App 2.2 Tour 1
Smashpoint iOS App 2.2 Tour 2
Smashpoint iOS App 2.2 Tour 3
Smashpoint iOS App 2.2 Tour 4
Smashpoint iOS App 2.2 Tour 5

Smashpoint 2.1 Release Notes

Smashpoint 2.1 iOS Release

Smashpoint iOS 2.1 Release 

• Improved live match tracker with detailed shot tracking, statistics, and point by point history
• Additional match formats:
– Best of 3: 4 Game Short Sets
– 6 Game Single Set: Tiebreak to 7 Pts
– 6 Game Single Set: Tiebreak to 10 Pts
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Track Live Tennis Match: Setup

Smashpoint Tennis Shot Tracker 1

Track Live Tennis Match: Score and Shot Tracking

Smashpoint Tennis Shot Tracker 2

Match Result: Detailed Service, Return, Shot, and Point Stats

Shot Stats Table
W = Winner
U = Unforced Error
F = Forced Error

Smashpoint 2.0 Release Notes

Smashpoint iOS 2.0

Smashpoint iOS 2.0 Release 

• Track and log your tennis results with “No-Ad” option [1]
• Improved return winner/error tracking for live match tracker [2]
• Results: new yearly summary tables for your service, return and point stats [3]
• Home: new time filter, new icon for match results with stats [4]
• Apple Watch: usability improvements during live match
• Added French and Spanish translations
• Plus, additional usability and performance improvements


2.0 Release Highlights

Smashpoint 1.9 Release Notes

Smashpoint release 1.9

What’s new in version 1.9?

• New easy to use app navigation
• Improved tennis court management
• iPhone X optimizations
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Get Smashpoint 1.9 from the Apple App Store

Smashpoint 1.8 Release Notes

Smashpoint release 1.8

What’s new in version 1.8?

• Live tracker update for doubles
• Head 2 Head stats and results for doubles
• Added “Tied” stats to player profile
• Chinese language support
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
Thank you for using our app <3 your friends at Smashpoint.
We love to hear your feedback. Get in touch.

Download Smashpoint 1.8 from the Apple App Store for free.

Tennis Doubles Head 2 Head

Smashpoint Apple Watch Chinese


Smashpoint 1.7 Release Notes

Version 1.7 – Smashpoint Tennis Tracker Platform

Smashbook is now Smashpoint: We’ve aligned the name with our mission to develop a modern, performance-focused tennis platform for players, students, and coaches.
Point by point match history: Once you’ve tracked a live match with your iOS device or Apple watch, you’ll be able to analyze the entire match in the new history tab.
Custom match format: Select “Custom” in the “Match Format” tab when you need to log a unique result. Flexibility galore. 🙂
New coach label: We’ve added a Tennis Coach label to the user profile and expanded the “About” tab so coaches can advertise services to their network.
3D Touch for quick actions: Start logging a new activity with a single press, right from the home screen.




Smashpoint 1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.6 – This is our biggest update since we released version 1.0. 
Tennis is a global sport and we <3 to hear from you no matter where you hang your racquet.  Thank you for your continued support and interest!

• Apple Watch App: From the moment you walk onto the court, you can start tracking your tennis match with pro level statistics like unforced/forced errors, winners and a lot more. You can also use the watch app to start a new match– no need to fiddle with the iPhone app.
• Results: Now you can keep track of matches that ended in a tie.
• Practice: You and your coach can now add and share notes about a practice session.
• Design: We improved the interface style to enhance user experience and usability.