Smashpoint App Updates for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Smashpoint iOS 2.0

Smashpoint 2.0 Release Notes

Smashpoint iOS 2.0 Release  • Track and log your tennis…

Smashpoint 1.9 Release Notes

Improved navigation and usability.
Smashpoint release 1.8

Smashpoint 1.8 Release Notes

Love to play doubles? Version 1.8 is for you.

Smashpoint 1.7 Release Notes

New point by point match history, custom match format, 3D Touch and more...

Smashpoint 1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.6 – This is our biggest update since we released version 1.0.
Smashbook 1.5

Smashpoint 1.5 Release Notes

Additional features for live match tracking, usability improvements and bug fixes.
Smashbook v 1.4

Smashpoint 1.4 Release Notes

Improved result module design, log match results for other players and usability improvements.
Release 1.3

Smashpoint 1.3 Release Notes

Add notes to every player. Quick match and practice entry with saved court details.
Smashbook v 1.2

Smashpoint 1.2 Release Notes

German and Italian comes to your Smashbook app. Guten Tag and Buongiorno :)

Smashpoint 1.1 Release Notes

The 1.1 release includes several new design updates such as data visualizations for home and activity log.