Smashpoint Web App Updates.

Web App Oct 2021 Update

Smashpoint Ladder

What’s New

• Easy to use ladder and group management for players, organizers and clubs

• Improved performance and bug fixes

See Active, Draft and Completed ladders. Add a match result to a ladder from anywhere in the app.

Smashpoint Ladder Management

Create a New Ladder in a few easy steps:

Smashpoint Ladder Set Up


• Organize competitive play for singles or doubles
• Run your ladder with a Leap Frog or Accrual point system
• Invite unlimited players to join and enter ladder results
• Use a start and end date (optional)
• Rankings are based on points
• See ranking changes +/- in last 7 days
• Share a ladder with a public URL
• Create unlimited ladders with Pro


• Segment and track players
• See results for singles, doubles, and practice automatically
• Rankings are based on win/loss results
• See results and rankings for the last 7, 30, 90, 180 days and per year.
• Share a group with a public URL
• Create unlimited groups with Pro

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Web App June 2020 Update

Smashpoint Web App Home

Our latest web app release includes new customization features for a better experience. Go to Settings to select what player should be featured on the new home profile banner. If you prefer to see Activity Rings or a Rankings table simply select a different banner. You can also select what player stats should be shown in /Results. When you log a new match result you can now select who the 1st player should be in Settings. The new features should speed up and enhance the app experience for tennis parents, coaches and organizers. We also added player profile photos in this release to all match results (see doubles match result below).

What do you think of the design updates? Please get in touch to let us know…

Web App Feb 2020 Design Update

Smashpoint Light Theme

Our tennis tracker platform is growing up! We have been busy fine tuning the Smashpoint interface for mobile, tablet and desktop use. You can now switch between a light and dark theme in Settings. Dark theme is great for dark room use. Or, use the light theme if you are outside in bright daylight. Whatever works best for you.

Smashpoint Web App Light and Dark Theme

Smashpoint Web App: Settings
Switch between dark and light theme

Smashpoint Web App Settings
Smashpoint Web App Results
Smashpoint Web App Player Profile
Smashpoint Web App Add Match

What do you think of the design updates? Please get in touch to let us know…

Web App Nov 2019 Update

We added over 30 new improvements to the Smashpoint web app. Highlights:

• New Player Profile design (compare your ratings side by side: UTR, USTA, etc)
• Add your gear to your profile
• Publish your player profile online to share with a coach and friends
• Stats tab with insights for every player
• Additional Fast4 match format (UK/LTA rules)
• Add Passing Shot to match history (tracked with iPhone/iPad)

Log In or Sign Up at

Player Profile with Custom Rating (USTA in this example) and UTR side by side

Smashpoint Search: public player profiles appear in search result

Match Options (Create Public Link, Export to CSV, Edit, Delete)

CSV File in Apple’s Numbers Application

Log In or Sign Up at

Web App May 2019 Update

Smashpoint Web App Home
Smashpoint Web App – Home

We added over 20 new improvements to the Smashpoint web app. Highlights:

  • High five – give a high five for a match well played
  • Additional 10 Game Pro Set match formats 
  • New bar graphs for match stats table 
  • New ITF, UTR, and backhand fields for player profiles
  • Player notes usability improvement 
  • New input fields for tennis courts
Smashpoint Web App - Match Stats
Smashpoint Web App – Match Stats
Smashpoint Web App – Add Match
Smashpoint Web App – Add Match Result
Smashpoint Web App – Add Player
Smashpoint Web App – Add New Player

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Web App March 2019

Tennis Tracker Rankings

Our first web app release out of beta. Thanks to very useful user feedback we continue to improve our tennis tracker platform for your favorite web browser, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. We added a dedicated Rankings screen. Select Singles, Doubles or Practice to see who is the leader in your player network. We added new fields to the Match entry UI. You can now add Tournament, Round and extra information such as weather in the About field. To make unlocking Pro as easy as possible we added payment capabilities to the web app. With a few simple clicks you can unlock Pro now in your web browser. We integrated with Stripe for easy and secure payment processing. One more thing! You can apply a promo code for a nice discount. Don’t have one? Email us to get one.

Add Match New Fields
New Fields: Tournament, Round, About to enhance the match entry
Unlock Pro: easy to use payment system with Stripe. Apply promo code for a discount.
Smashpoint Pro Unlocked
Smashpoint Pro unlocked. Log unlimited match results across the web app, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Web App Beta 3

Smashpoint Public Match Stats

We are pleased to announce that our web app has reached the final beta release #3. Amongst many bug fixes and usability improvements we added detailed match history and link sharing capabilities. Log in or create a new account for free at 

Match History 
Relive the match point by point.

Match History - Point by Point

Link Sharing
With a few simple steps you can create a public link for any match result. 
Example match:

Create a public link for a match result
Active Public Match Result

Web App Beta 2

Smashpoint Web App Home

We closed over 150 tickets with improvements and new features. Now you can add your tennis match results with an easy to use interface directly in your favorite web browser. And, you can see who is the strongest player in your network on your home screen. Login here to explore:


Step 1: Enter basic match information

Add Match Step 1

Step 2: Select format

Add Match Step 2

Step 3: Enter match result and submit

Add Match Step 3

Web App Beta

New York, NY [June 2018] – We are very excited to announce that our web app is in public beta now.  All existing Smashpoint users can Log In or new users can Sign Up for a free account. Several years ago, we began our journey by developing the Smashpoint Cloud, which is capable of storing tennis results and calculating professional statistics. We then followed up with an app for iPhones/iPads + Apple Watch that allows tennis players, coaches and parents to track a tennis match in real time or enter finished results. By releasing the web app, we are reaching another major milestone by giving access to all Smashpoint users with any kind of mobile device or computer. The web app interface automatically adjusts itself to your screen size and with single sign-on you can access your Smashpoint account from multiple devices. That way, you always have your up-to-date tennis data at your fingertips.

• View all your tennis activities from match to practice that were logged on iOS
• Add new players and tennis courts
• Accept invitations from other players
• View detailed match statistics for singles and doubles,including service, return, and point records
• Head to Head analysis so you can compare your match records against other players or look up players vs players
• View results and statistics of connected players
• Add private notes to your players so you are prepared for the next match
• Edit your own player profile
• Familiar user interface for all existing iOS users

Coming Soon
• Add match results
• Point by point match history and momentum graph
• Tennis AI
• Light theme (switch between dark and light mode)


Thank you for using Smashpoint. We have big plans and we would love to get your feedback and input.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

P.S.  For quick access, just type in in your browser 🙂