Smashpoint 1.3 Release Notes

Release 1.3

What’s New in Version 1.3?

• Due to popular demand, we have added a notes tab to every player’s profile. Enter your own private notes to help you remember a player’s strengths and weaknesses for your next match.
• Logging a match or practice session just got easier and faster. Smashbook will now pre-load your home court with the court name, surface type, and facility type (indoor or outdoor).
• The “About” field in your own profile is now using a flexible layout, so you are able to enter more information about yourself. Great for coaches and players alike to enter more information.
• We have also fixed bugs for Live Match Tracking and made other user experience improvements.

Please keep emailing us your feedback – we love to hear from you.

How to configure you tennis courts:

Add or edit a tennis court