Smashpoint iOS 2.0

Smashpoint 2.0 Release Notes

20+ improvements. Take a look.

tennis statistics and analytics

The Importance of Statistics for Tennis Players

Statistics is the analytical study of the performance of an individual practicing a sport.

A Look at the Australian Open 2018

Australian Open 2018 Preview

Smashpoint 1.9 Release Notes

Improved navigation and usability.

Smashpoint release 1.8

Smashpoint 1.8 Release Notes

Love to play doubles? Version 1.8 is for you.

play tennis

Top 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

Tennis the sport for a lifetime. Get active.

SF Tennis: The Bay Club

Indoor/Outdoor facility in the heart of San Francisco.

Smashpoint 1.7 Release Notes

New point by point match history, custom match format, 3D Touch and more…

Slow Motion Videos

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal slow motion YouTube videos.

Apple Watch Tennis Tracker

With Smashpoint and an Apple Watch you can track your own tennis match from your wrist.

Smashpoint 1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.6 – This is our biggest update since we released version 1.0.