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Web App Beta 2

Smashpoint Web App Home

We closed over 150 tickets with improvements and new features. Now you can add your tennis match results with an easy to use interface directly in your favorite web browser. And, you can see who is the strongest player in your network on your home screen. Login here to explore: https://app.smashpoint.pro


Step 1: Enter basic match information

Add Match Step 1

Step 2: Select format

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Step 3: Enter match result and submit

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Web App Beta

New York, NY [June 2018] – We are very excited to announce that our web app is in public beta now.  All existing Smashpoint users can Log In or new users can Sign Up for a free account. Several years ago, we began our journey by developing the Smashpoint Cloud, which is capable of storing tennis results and calculating professional statistics. We then followed up with an app for iPhones/iPads + Apple Watch that allows tennis players, coaches and parents to track a tennis match in real time or enter finished results. By releasing the web app, we are reaching another major milestone by giving access to all Smashpoint users with any kind of mobile device or computer. The web app interface automatically adjusts itself to your screen size and with single sign-on you can access your Smashpoint account from multiple devices. That way, you always have your up-to-date tennis data at your fingertips.

• View all your tennis activities from match to practice that were logged on iOS
• Add new players and tennis courts
• Accept invitations from other players
• View detailed match statistics for singles and doubles,including service, return, and point records
• Head to Head analysis so you can compare your match records against other players or look up players vs players
• View results and statistics of connected players
• Add private notes to your players so you are prepared for the next match
• Edit your own player profile
• Familiar user interface for all existing iOS users

Coming Soon
• Add match results
• Point by point match history and momentum graph
• Tennis AI
• Light theme (switch between dark and light mode)


Thank you for using Smashpoint. We have big plans and we would love to get your feedback and input.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

P.S.  For quick access, just type in smashpoint.app in your browser 🙂

Top 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

play tennis

Tennis the Sport for a Lifetime!


Get Fit
Lose Weight. Burn Calories– An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories.
(According to Oja, et al, Brit J Sports Med, 2016)

Live Longer
Playing just 3 hours/week will reduce your risk of heart disease 56%.
(According to a 2016 Harvard University study)

Strengthen Heart, Muscles and Bones
Compared to other sports, tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.
(40-year study conducted by Johns Hopkins University)

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
Playing tennis involves several skills that all contribute to good hand-eye coordination. You can improve your agility, balance, coordination, reaction time and more.


Enjoy Family and Friends
Great for the whole family no matter what your age. With minimal equipment needed and plenty of courts nearby, it’s easy to bring a friend or find one at the courts.

Develop Teamwork and Sportsmanship
From doubles play to learn and league play, tennis develops your ability to communicate and work together.

Improve Social Skills
Tennis outperforms all other sports in developing positive personality characteristics.
(According to a study by Dr. Jim Gavin at Concordia University)

tennis practice


Reduce Stress
Tennis helps you deal with physical, mental, social and emotional challenges, which increases your capacity to deal with stress.

Increase Brain Power
From alertness to tactical thinking, tennis enhances the neural connections in your brain. Kids who play tennis regularly get better grades. (According to a 2013 USTA study)

Learn to Solve Problems
Tennis is a sport that is based on evaluating angles, geometry and physics to get the best result, which translates into better problem-solving off the court. In the late 1990s, several experts proposed that tennis, since it requires alertness and tactical thinking, may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of continuing brain development.

Content provided by TIA – Tennis Industry Association. 



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