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With Smashpoint, it is easy to add your videos to a match or practice result. Upload your video to your YouTube account and then embed the YouTube URL in a Smashpoint match or practice result. YouTube is the global standard for video sharing and by keeping your videos in your account, you can watch videos on any platform including your big TV. We are big GoPro fans for Tennis videos. The GoPro camera is lightweight and can handle being out in the sun. With an extra battery attached, you can record many hours of video without breaking a sweat. We have tested many video solutions and here is our favorite set up:

• GoPro Hero (4K at 60 FPS or less resolution with higher FPS for detailed slow motion playback)

• Anker Battery Pack + USB Extension Cord

• Fence Camera Mount

To learn how to add video to Smashpoint please visit our blog.

Smashpoint YouTube Video

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